Bulk Spices

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Now, the same top-tier spices and ingredients we use in our rubs are available in bulk! Use them to build your own rubs or to “tweak” any rubs you’re currently using, even your favorite Oakridge BBQ rub. This is only a partial listing of the spices we currently use and have on hand. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, contact us. Our bulk spices will be carefully packaged in heat sealed air and light proof resealable high barrier packaging to ensure the spices are thoroughly protected and remain at their highest quality for up to a year once opened.

  • oakridge-bbq-bulk-fine-flake-sea-salt

    Fine Flake Sea Salt

  • oakridge-bbq-bulk-extra-fine-raw-cane-sugar

    Extra Fine Raw Cane Sugar

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-habanero-chile-powder

    Habanero Chile Powder

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-chipotle-morita-chile-powder

    Chipotle Morita Chile Powder

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-ancho-chile-powder

    Ancho Chile Powder

  • Oakridge-BBQ-bulk-Guajillo-Chile-Powder

    New Mexico Chile Powder

  • Sale! Oakridge-BBQ-bulk-Guajillo-Chile-Powder

    Guajillo Chile Powder

  • Sale! Oakridge-BBQ-bulk-Granulated-Honey

    Granulated Honey

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-ground-cumin-powder

    Ground Cumin

  • Sale! Oakridge-bbq-bulk-granulated-garlic

    Granulated Garlic

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-green-serrano-chile-powder

    Serrano Chile Powder

  • Sale! oakridge-bbq-bulk-granulated-onion

    Granulated Onion


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