Ole Hickory SQUOGS Hickory Cooking Logs

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One Box of 6 SQUOGS measures ½ cubic foot and weighs over 28 lbs!

Each Squog log measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 12″ and will burn for up to 6 hours!



Ole Hickory Pits SQUOGS™ Hickory Cooking Logs

Ole Hickory SQUOGS square hickory logs cooking smoking bbq wood

Start your fire the right way with Ole Hickory SQUOGS!


Why are Ole Hickory SQUOGS Better than standard Hickory splits?

* 100% Natural Ozark Hickory wood
* Center Cut – Nearly 100% Heartwood
* Always 100% Bark Free
* Kiln Dried – Lights quickly & easily
* Heat Treated – Bug Free, can be safely stored inside
* Extremely Dense – ½ cubic foot of SQUOGS weighs over 28 lbs! That’s nearly twice as much fuel as similarly-sized hickory splits
* Square, Dense Logs Burn Slowly – Up to 8 hours of sweet hickory smoke from just one SQUOG!
* Square logs stack neatly with little wasted space
* They can be easily cut into smaller chunks
* SQUOGS work exceptionally well in any smoker or grill that burns solid wood

Don’t be fooled by other cooking wood splits sold by volume. A box of SQUOGS measures ½ cubic foot but weighs almost 30 lbs, which is the same weight of the other wood guys splits that measure 1 cubic foot! Each individual Squog log measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 12″.

Ole Hickory SQUOGS – The Perfect Cooking Wood!

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Half-box (3 logs), Full Box (6 logs)

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