Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub


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Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub

Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub

Oakridge BBQ Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub  – Only 200 units will be available world-wide.

Our Experimental Edition range embodies the highest degree of our Master Blender’s art; a “no-holds-barred” approach to precise flavor development, and experimentation with extremely rare and unique ingredients. Finessing the interplay of all SIX components of taste; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami and heat, into a truly one of a kind flavor experience. Our proprietary Extended Batch Aging process allows all the natural oils and fatty acids contained in the spices to fully marry together and mature into a single symphony of flavors. By design, due to the rarity of key ingredients, each expression of our Experimental Edition range will always be extremely limited in number and will only be produced once.

Our 2016 Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile rub features a very special Trinidad Scorpion Chile from a single farmer located on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. These chiles were selected due to their extremely unique and pungent dried apricot and plum aroma and flavor. I was so blown-away by these chiles special characteristics, I was compelled to design a new rub around them just to showcase their truly one-of-a-kind flavors.

Immediately upon opening the package, your nose will be greeted by the rich leathery smell of dried apricots and plums, followed by a subtle savory smokiness and the sting of chile heat. On the tongue, this rub starts off fruity and savory with more apricot and some garlic/herbal notes, then it moves immediately into a smoky bonfire of chile heat in your mouth, coating every surface with the assertive sting of Trinidad Scorpion chiles. After a few minutes, the heat subsides into a long-lasting sting, balanced with a savory/sweet/fruity finish. This Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile rub is limited to only 200 units world-wide.

176 units of our Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile rub will be available on our website for all Domestic US customers. The remaining 24 units will be available for purchase Internationally from our Distributors in the UK and Australia.

Oakridge BBQ Experimental Scorpion Chile Rub

Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, sea salt, Trinidad Scorpion chile, Aji Amarillo chile, Pasilla Negro chile, New Mexico chile, Chipotle Morita chile, garlic, black pepper, onion, ground sumac berries, yellow mustard, lime juice solids, maltodextrin and other spices. No gluten, no fillers, no MSG, no artificial colors, flavors or additives.

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Scorpion Chile Recipes COMING SOON……

Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub

Experimental Scorpion Chile Rub 6 oz. BackOakridge BBQ Experimental Scorpion Chile Rub

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