That’s right, folks… Our sponsored teams just smashed through a milestone I honestly never imagined they would reach so quickly.  In under three years, they have managed to amass OVER 1,000 TOP TEN CALLS in professionally sanctioned barbecue contests!!!  Keep in mind, these only include calls where Oakridge BBQ rub was used.  Just this year alone they have tallied:

  • 30 First Place category calls
  • 7 Reserve Grand Champions!
  • 10 Grand Champions!!

The grand totals since we started our Sponsorship Program in August of 2010, are also equally outstanding.  They are as follows:

  • 306 Contests
  • 35 States
  • 13 Sanctioning Bodies
  • 144 Top Ten Brisket calls
  • 183 Top Ten Rib calls
  • 207 Top Ten Pork calls
  • 221 Top Ten Chicken Calls
  • 259 Top Ten Overall Calls
  • 22 Reserve Grand Champions!
  • 36 Grand Champions!!
  • 1,019 Total Top Ten Calls!!!

Please join me in congratulating all of our sponsored teams who contributed to this outstanding feat!!!


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