Just in time for Halloween, Oakridge BBQ is releasing a brand new, limited edition, one-time-only run of a very special bbq rub, blended especially for all you chili-heads!

Oakridge BBQ’s new Limited Edition Habanero Death Dust features ultra-high quality ground 350,000 Scoville-rated Habanero chilies, smokey-hot Chipotle chilies, and 11 other herbs and spices.  The aroma is earthy and spicy, with the fragrance of habanero chiles immediately present.  The flavor profile starts sweet and savory with hints of raw cane sugar, molasses, and garlic then in about 3 seconds slams into high gear with the flavor and heat of habanero chiles.

This limited edition offering will only be available in special Limited Edition 6 oz. black foil zip-top stand-up bags. Each package will be hand numbered, and the run will be limited to no more than 150 units.

We Pre-released this rub on The BBQ Brethren Forum, and sold our ENTIRE first run of 15 cases in just under TWO WEEKS!!!  This was totally unexpected.  So, we are going to do one more batch of 150 for sale exclusively on our website.  Hurry and get yours today before they’re all gone!!

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