Habanero Bloody Mary

Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later…

I used some of our new Habanero Death Dust in a bloody mary last night. It was really good. Here’s the recipe…

Oakridge BBQ Full Moon Habanero Bloody Marys


  • 2½ oz. Moonshine (or Vodka)
  • 6 oz. V8 Juice
  • 8 dashes Wooster
  • Juice from two lemon wedges
  • 1 tsp. Oakridge BBQ Habanero Death Dust
  • Ice to fill glass
  • Hi-ball glass
  • Celery stalks and lemon wedge for garnish

In a shaker glass, mix all ingredients (except ice and garnish) by shaking or stirring thoroughly.  Then pour over ice into a Hi-ball or Pint glass.  Garnish with celery stalks and a lemon wedge.  Enjoy!

Habanero Bloody Mary

Final thoughts…

It was really good. Nice and spicy, especially when you got down to the bottom of the glass… However, I think the low sodium tomato juice detracted from it just a tiny bit.

Next time, I’ll skip the low sodium V8 and go for the full leaded variety. I think this drink would have been just about perfect if the tomato juice wasn’t quite as flat tasting.

But, all in all, it was a pretty darn good bloody mary. Just perfect for sipping while standing over your backyard Q.