**NEW** Stainless Steel Rub Shaker Now in Stock!!

After numerous requests from our customers and months of research, we have finally found a spice shaker that meets our stringent quality requirements.  This 100% stainless steel spice shaker will provide years of service in even the harshest competition environments. The even-spaced hole pattern in the lid makes rub application a snap.  Just a few shakes and it lays down a beautiful even coating of rub every time.  It comes equipped with a handle welded onto the side and a perforated lid that un-screws for easy refills and cleaning.  Dishwasher safe and will hold 16 ounces of liquid, or around 12 ounces of dry rub.

Check them out on our Products page, but you’d better hurry.  We’ve got them listed at a steal of a price, so they won’t last long!


2 Responses to **NEW** Stainless Steel Rub Shaker Now in Stock!!

  1. Brad T says:

    Does it seal up to double as storage or is it a application time only shaker?

  2. OakridgeBBQ says:

    Great question! No, I wouldn't use it as a storage device. To keep your rub fresh, use the zip-top foil bags our rub comes packaged in to store your rub. Just pour some out into this shaker to apply then return unused rub back to zip-top bag when finished. Thanks!

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