Almost ten years ago, I started Oakridge BBQ with just two primary objectives; to honor God and to make the Very Best BBQ rub I could. This pursuit of perfection would lead me to a critical decision very early on — to not rely on a co-packer to make Oakridge BBQ, instead I would make it myself.

Looking back, I really had no idea what all that decision would entail… sourcing the very best ingredients, developing new products all by myself, dealing with crazy regulations, marketing, growing pains, building our own production facility, personnel issues, supplier shortages, nearly dying (twice), etc, etc, etc.. Through it all I have kept it 100% hand made by us.

Flash forward nearly ten years and this month Oakridge BBQ has crossed a threshold I never dreamed would happen. We have hand-made over 250,000 pounds of barbecue rub. That’s over a Quarter of a MILLION pounds of barbecue rub. Let that sink in for a minute.

So, after a quarter of a million pounds and over 7,000 top ten awards — more documented awards than any other brand in the history of competition barbecue — why is Oakridge BBQ different? These hands. My hands.

As always, THANK YOU to all of our customers for your business and support of Oakridge BBQ!!!

Michael J. Trump
Owner & Master Blender
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