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Oakridge BBQ Tells All About Sponsorship in The BBQ Times

I was recently honored to be interviewed for the first installment of a multi-part series on the topic of Competition BBQ Team Sponsorship for August 2016 Edition of The BBQ Times publication, and I’ve been given permission to reprint the article here for all of our subscribers to read. Special thanks to Audrey Evans, Editor & Publisher of The BBQ Times for the opportunity and to Mathew Bougher for the interview!

You can find out more about receiving your own subscription to The BBQ Times by visiting their website here:  bqtimes.com



Another Milestone…

Oakridge BBQ quietly passed yet another milestone this week… Over 100,000 lbs of rub handmade since inception!!

Yup, you read that correctly. Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND pounds of barbecue rub!

No wonder my arms are so tired!

Oakridge BBQ Experimental Edition Sneak Peek!

Something Exciting This Way Comes…

Oakridge Scorpion label 2016 Front Oakridge Scorpion label 2016 Back


Why Doesn’t Oakridge BBQ use Spice Bottles?

In an effort to help our customers, I will be posting a series of memos to help each of you better understand the answers to several popular questions you may have asked as it regards to Oakridge BBQ and our products. The first question I’ll tackle in Memo #1 is the oldie but goody: “Why don’t they use spice shaker bottles?” or alternately “When is Oakridge BBQ going to start using normal spice shaker bottles?


Oakridge BBQ was a pioneer in the blended spice industry as the VERY FIRST manufacturer to use high-barrier flexible packaging as our standard and only means in which to package our spices. We used stand-up bags before anyone else, even before the big boys like McCormick, Tones, Spice Island, etc. We didn’t know exactly how the public would receive them, but for reasons I’ll outline below, high-barrier flexible packaging was the only packaging capable of fulfilling our business model of creating the highest quality product available in the market today, or tomorrow, or the next day…

Barrier Properties:

Spices are merely dehydrated organic plant matter, which when fresh, retain much of their original volatile oils and resins (the parts that make them smell and taste good). However, as spices are exposed to moisture, oxygen or light, these volatile compounds start to decompose very rapidly. Therefore, the container in which they are packaged in is critically important to the longevity and potency of the spices contained inside. Think about it, how many times have you found old spice bottles on your shelves that have been setting around a little too long, and maybe they were near an open window or fluorescent bulb, and now the contents have bleached out significantly? This is just one example of how important good barrier packaging is for spices. Unknown to most consumers, clear PET bottles, typical of most all spice bottles used in the industry today, not only let light in like an open window, they also allow oxygen and moisture to actually pass through the walls of the container. In the packaging industry, there are fancy scientific tests they perform on all different kinds of materials used in packaging food products. Here’s some basic cliff notes:
  • For Oxygen transmission; Clear PET bottles are 1,530 TIMES more porous than our multi-layer high-barrier flexible packaging.¹
  • For Moisture transmission; Clear PET bottles are 54 TIMES more porous than our multi-layer high-barrier flexible packaging.¹
  • For Light transmission; on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest amount of light transmission, Clear PET bottles are a 9.8 and our multi-layer high-barrier flexible packaging is a 0
  • The slightly milky spice bottles (HDPE) are even worse, by a factor of 100’s of times worse.¹
These are actual industry tested statistics, and they don’t even address the ingress of oxygen and moisture through leaky PSA lid seals, which leak exponentially more than the container material itself! Conversely, our packaging will not only guarantee factory-freshness for two years after they’ve been opened; once factory sealed, our packaging will actually keep our spices fresh for upwards of 10+ years!

Resilient, flexible form factor:

Rigid clear PET spice bottles are far more likely to become damaged at some point during transit, display or storage. When it comes to damage from an unexpected impact, such as a fall or crushing accident, flexible packaging is more resilient, resulting in less damage to the exterior artwork as well as the contents inside and the packaging itself. This means that businesses see fewer returns and complaints from their customers due to damaged packaging and the possible compromise of its contents.² In addition to taking up less space than rigid packaging during shipping, flexible packaging is also much lighter.²

Unique look:

In a saturated market space, you need a look that sets you apart. Our packaging easily tells our story of hand-made, small batch, ultra high quality, premium luxury without ever saying a word.

Ease of use:

Open the zipper, orient the male side of the zipper so it’s down (this prevents spices from clogging the female side of the zipper), gently squeeze the open mouth of the package until it forms a spout, then slowly shake your wrist side to side. It’s just that easy. Then, when you’re done, squeeze the air out of the package and zip it shut.

So, when will we use “standard spice shaker bottles”?

Hopefully, the answer is already clear…  Never.  And now, you know why.



Technical Data Sources:

New Product Labels Are In!

We’ve been working hard on creating and rolling out our new product labels for a while now and the time has finally arrived! All our of our product packaging will now have top quality labeling to match the unrivaled quality of our Rubs and Brines contained inside.

Though the labels are shiny, new, and nearly indestructible, rest assured all of our current practices are still in place. Every bag is still labeled by hand, by us, in our own facility. Every micro batch of rub is still made to order with the finest ingredients in the world, by hand, by us, in our own facility. You can read more about our hand made and quality focused approach HERE.

We will update all the product images on the site as soon as we can.

Here’s a couple of our new labels!

new product labels new product labels

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our exciting news!


Mike & Brad Trump, Oakridge BBQ


New Oakridge BBQ Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Coming Soon!

NEW Oakridge BBQ Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Seasoning!

Jah Love Jamaican Jerk - FrontJah Love Jamaican Jerk - BackOakridge BBQ Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Chicken



Jamaican Jerk is a long-held staple in Caribbean cuisine. The unique flavor profile instantly conveys tropical scenes and a laid-back lifestyle. Our Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is an authentic Jamaican Jerk seasoning with an assertive heat level from our use of the finest Scotch Bonnet chiles, and as with all our Signature Edition blends, we have spared no expense in developing the ultimate flavor experience. Our Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Seasoning will instantly sweep you away to some far-off tropical locale. Yah Mon, Jah Love!

To develop that traditional Island flavor, prepare a paste using equal parts peanut oil and Jah Love Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Optionally, you may also add some low sodium soy sauce to the paste. Then, in the refrigerator, marinate chicken pieces for a minimum of 3 hours, or overnight if you have the time. Finally, grill marinated chicken pieces over a hot charcoal fire.

Look for it at your favorite Oakridge BBQ retailer within the next couple weeks!


Now Available!

Oakridge BBQ 10,000th Customer Rub Give-away!

We are quickly approaching our 10,000th retail order and to celebrate we’re going to give away free rub to the lucky customer who’s order number is 10,000! All you need to do is Like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OakridgeBBQ/), then place your order. No matter the size, if your order number is 10,000 and you’re a fan of our Facebook page, we’ll refund the entire amount, including shipping! Good luck!!

Oakridge BBQ Rubs are 100% Handmade

At Oakridge BBQ, we take great pride in the fact that all our seasoning blends are 100% Handmade in our own production facility. We don’t source our products from some far-away spice blending house. Nor do we receive large 1,000 pound shipments of pre-packaged rub to set around on warehouse shelves for months before they are delivered to our customers. Instead, our focus on producing the freshest, highest quality product possible has been a cornerstone of our business since day one. We know you have many choices in the marketplace, and we want you to be assured when purchasing any Oakridge BBQ product, you are receiving the very best money can buy.


We start with the highest quality spices available.

Highest Quality Spices

Highest Quality Spices

To make the best rubs in the world, you have to start with the best spices in the world. We do not use standard commodity grade spices like our competitors. Instead, we only source spices with the highest volatile oil concentrations available. Additionally, our spices are milled fresh when we order them. Likewise, when sourcing bulk spices, you’d be amazed how hard it is to find 100% natural, pure ingredients without additional artificial agents added in. But, that’s exactly what we demand of our spice suppliers. Quite literally, we have searched the world over for sources of pure, ultra-high quality spices. And, since we only buy them as we need them, they are always as fresh as possible.


Blended with precise measurements.

Precise Measurements

Precise Measurements

Every ingredient is hand measured with half-a-gram (0.5 g) precision. That’s over 28 times more precise than the level of precision used by many of our competitors. These super-precise measurements allow us to achieve excellent consistency from batch to batch. It also allows us to shape our flavor profiles in very specific directions. After measurement, every ingredient is sifted through specific-sized stainless steel mesh screens to ensure particle size consistency.


Small batch sizes for the freshest rub.

Oakridge BBQ Rub Blender

Oakridge BBQ Rub Blender

Even though we have recently tripled our capacity, we still only make rub in very small batches. This means there is never old rub setting around waiting to be sold. We also use specialty NSF Certified spice tumblers instead of ribbon or paddle blenders so the sensitive spices are never bruised or overheated while being blended. New batches are blended daily, so our customers always receive the freshest product possible. Put our ultra-fresh spice rubs together with our special high-barrier air and moisture proof packaging, and you’ve got a winning combination.


Batch-Aged for proper flavor profile development.

Oakridge BBQ Batch Aging

Oakridge BBQ Batch Aging

Herbs and spices contain many different essential oils and volatile flavor compounds. When a rub is first blended, these flavors can be very sharp and seem unorganized on the palate. Just like a fine Single Malt Scotch, through our proprietary aging process, we use just the right combination of time, temperature, and humidity to batch age all our rub blends so they develop perfectly balanced flavor profiles. Once the rubs are properly aged, they are then ready to be packaged for sale and distribution.


Hand-applied Labels.

Hand Applied Labels

Hand Applied Labels

Every label is applied by hand. Lots and lots of labels. We do our best, but sometimes they may come out a little crooked. Our packaging is also very unique to the blended spice industry. We were THE pioneer in using flexible, high-barrier, multi-laminate stand-up bags (wow, that’s a lot of hyphens…) for our BBQ rubs. This means that our packaging doesn’t leak air, moisture or light through to the spices inside. This impenetrable barrier keeps our spices fresher up to 10 times longer than any of our competitors who all use standard spice shaker bottles.


Hand-filled Packages.


Hand-filled Packages

Rub for every package is individually weighed and filled by hand. Lots and lots of packages, only a couple of hands. Since we don’t fill volumetrically, you can be assured every package contains exactly the amount (or a little more) of rub you’re paying for.


Heat-sealed for Ultimate Freshness.

Heat-sealed packaging

Heat-sealed Packaging

We use a wide-band commercial heat seal to lock in freshness. In fact, left in a factory sealed condition and stored in a cool dark place, our rubs will stay fresh for at least 5 years! I’m sure you won’t be able to wait that long to open yours.


Filled to order.

Filled to order

Filled to Order

We don’t have a warehouse full of filled packages waiting on someone to buy them. Every order is processed and filled as it’s received. It may take us a little longer, but we feel the difference in quality is well worth it. If you ever need your order expedited, just let us know. We’re always happy to our best to accommodate your needs.

We hope you have enjoyed this small look inside Oakridge BBQ, and as always, we greatly appreciate your business!

Oakridge BBQ. Secured.


Good evening!

You may have noticed a few blips on the site this afternoon as I was finishing up the site upgrades. Sorry ’bout that. But you should now have a secure connection to our website.

You should see the https anytime you view our site, if you don’t please refresh the page.






This not only assures our customers and our staff that they are connected to authentic, one and only, Oakridge BBQ. Being SSL secured also allows us much more flexibility for future improvements.

You can run the SSL test HERE.

Sugars BBQ Moves on to BBQ Pitmasters Championship!

Big Congrats to Lynnae Oxley and crew of Sugars BBQ, an Oakridge BBQ sponsored team!


team oakridge bbq