No, it’s not my kid sister and it’s not some big-boned red head either. It’s a drink, and it’s a darn good one, especially during these dog days of summer. What’s that you say? Isn’t this a BBQ website? Indeed it is, but what better to ward off the blistering heat of summer than a cool refreshing cocktail?

If you’ve ever been to Minneapolis, you’ve probably heard of a bar called The Local. If you’ve never been to Minneapolis, you should go, it’s a beautiful city, and if you’ve been but never been to The Local, shame on you, it’s a beautiful Irish bar. They originated the cocktail called Big Ginger. It pairs Jameson Irish Whiskey with lemon, lime and ginger ale into a simple crisp, refreshing summer time libation. As a matter of fact they sell so much of this drink they are the number one consumer of Jameson Whiskey in the world. That’s right, I said the WORLD!

What I like most about this drink is that it’s simple, straightforward and unpretentious. No syrupy sweetness, no cloying overtones, just pure, crisp and refreshing. And, it’s not a chick drink either. You dump three of these puppies down your gullet and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here’s how it’s made:

One Pint glass
Fill with ice
2 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey
Top off the glass with Ginger Ale
One lime and lemon wedge to garnish the rim

I tweak this original recipe by adding the juice from an extra lime and lemon wedge to the glass before I fill it with ginger ale. Then to finish it off, I add 1/4 tsp of fresh peeled ginger grated on a microplane to the drink and stir it in gently.

Perfect for a hot night out on the back deck…

Pro Tip #1:  Chill your ginger ale and Jameson in the refrigerator prior to building your cocktails.  This will help reduce carbonation loss.

Pro Tip #2:  Use good ice.  If your freezer gives your ice a funk, skip the fridge ice and opt for bagged ice from the grocery store instead.

Pro Tip #3:  Add the Jameson before the ginger ale.  This will help keep the whiskey from just floating on the top of the drink.

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