Customer Reviews




“Just received my samples last week and got to try them on some ribs and chicken this past weekend. These are probably the best rubs I have used in my 11 years as a bbq competitor. I will be ordering large quantities shortly.” ~ Jaybird, Otis and the Bird BBQ Team

“Mike, we got the rubs you sent today. Just wanted to say thank you so much. We are a fairly new team, and got a call in ribs at Pigfest Tallahassee in our first pro comp, in large part due to your rubs. Thanks again!” ~ Jessie Harcrow, Team Dad’s BBQ, Anniston, AL

“My family absolutely loved your sample pack on some venison loins, pheasant and steak! My wife is not a big meat eater and definitely not a venison person and she said that was the best we ever had made!” ~ Mark G., Maryville, MO

“In my opinion, Oakridge BBQ has developed one of the best dry rubs on the market specifically developed for use on venison.” ~ Mike Tucker, Hawgeye’s BBQ, Ankeny, IA

“I got my rub in last week and have used it a couple of times. If anyone is wondering on how good this stuff is, do yourself a favor and buy some. It is a very balanced rub that doesn’t over power the taste of the meat. It really holds in the moisture of the meat which means it stays on the meat. It doesn’t burn easy either. You can taste the individual ingredients and how they react to each other. It is a very high quality rub with a perfect blend of spices. I have spent several dollars on different rubs trying to find one that had a desirable taste. I have used a lot of different rubs and this is the best hands down. I will definitely be a repeat customer. I grilled some burgers tonight and mixed a little in the meat before hand. They turned out great. I am going to use it on some beef short ribs in the next day or so. I tried some other brand of rub on beef ribs a few weeks ago and was disappointed. I decided to wait until I found a good rub before I smoked the other rack. No more waiting.

I liked the way it is packaged. Very well sealed in a high quality zip bag. I dumped out a bottle of rub I bought a month ago and use the bottle as a shaker for the new rub. What I don’t use, I pour back into the sealed bag. If someone doesn’t like this rub, they should have their tongue removed.” ~ Chris B., Grandin, MO

“The Oakridge BBQ [Competition Beef & Pork] rub was just fantastic, a perfect blend of sweet heat rounded out with a beautiful color that make this Tri-Tip look and taste like a competition cooked piece of beef.” ~ Gary House “The Outdoor Cook”,, Oakdale, CA

“Hay Mike… I cooked a pork loin today ~ used your rub. Man, that’s some good stuff, podnah ~ good as anything I’ve ever used. There’s a lot of good rubs out there… but there’s a few that rise above the rest. Hard to qualify which one is THE best, so i don’t try. That said, I’ll tell you that I’m not in the habit of endorsing products that are not good… so you can be assured that I’m not just blowin’ smoke up yer pant leg, podnah. you got a good product, and I’m happy to endorse it. Hope you sell a ton of it. I’ll be buying more.” ~ “Chez” John Eddy, Fat Johnny’s Front Porch, Topeka, KS

“Got my sample & tried the poultry rub on a chicken yesterday cooked on a grill over indirect heat for an hour & a half. Delicious! Used a little smoke it was one of the best chickens I ever made. Really like the way the rub sets up. Venison back strap is next!” ~ Richard H., Streetsboro, OH

“I got my order on Tuesday morning and had some store-bought beef burgers still frozen that I tried that afternoon. I was testing to see if a novice bbq’er could end up with results like were posted earlier without following all of the prep steps. Tried the beef rub on them and ended up grilling 3 batches before it was all over. It’s the first product on burgers I’ve tried that is pretty much impossible to screw up. For my taste, I covered mine on both sides pretty thick and it never even hinted at being too much. Most of the other stuff I buy is way too salty and is way overpowering. With Mike’s recipe, the more seemed better. Very good stuff. I will definitely be buying more when my stash runs low. Also the shipping was lightening fast and it was sent out within a few hours of ordering.” ~ Allen I., Onalaska, WA

“Where does it end, Mike? I only had a little of the pork rub left so threw it on some steamed veggies we were making and good gracious, its even good on there. This stuff had endless possibilities!  Are you selling stock yet?” ~ Nick J., Leopold, MO

“Last weekend I tried the Venison rub on some venison tenderloin. Typically I marinate my deer loins to get rid of the “game” taste. I just like them better that way. This time I did not and I applied the rub Friday evening, then grilled on Saturday. Not sure if it was the rub or not but they had no game taste whatsoever! My wife usually wont eat them if they aren’t marinated, but she loved these.” ~ Glen S., Frederick, MD

“I did a wild turkey breast with the poultry rub over the weekend. YUMMMMMMM!!!! This is good stuff!!!  Thanks Mike!” ~ Ron P., Oconto Falls, WI

“Did some killer pork ribs on the grill last night using your rub. I will definitely be ordering more.” ~ Dave C., Sophia, WV

“So Good!!  I tried the rub last night on some venison. My goodness, it was incredible. Put vegetable oil on like suggested and actually didn’t even let it sit for as long as recommended and it was still incredible. Next time I do it, it will sit for longer and I’m sure will be even better.  I’ll be ordering more when this runs out!” ~ Keith G., Birchwood, WI

“I put the beef rub on my burgers last night, and they were AWWWESOME! Completely different taste than what we are used to! The plate was empty QUICKLY!” ~ Vincent C., Hamilton, MO

“Had a chance to Big Green Egg some Chicken for the family this past week……got to tell ya, everyone said it was my best ever…..kinda a kick in the gut to me, but props to you!!!.  Hoping to jump on the deer and pork this weekend. Again, thanks so much for the sample and I’ll definitely get you a couple or orders up.” ~ Walt S., Ridgeland, MS

“I used the poultry rub this evening on boneless chicken breasts and grilled them. The taste was great! I was afraid I had over seasoned them (as I tend to do) but the rub is not overpowering.  You can almost cover the entire piece and not be too strong…..for me anyway.  BTW….Love the directions added to the sample. It seems like a simple thing, and many of us are too proud to read directions) but it helps!  Will buy more!” ~ Glen S., Frederick, MD

“I received my sample packs in the mail yesterday and tried it out on some chops. Not only is the rub excellent it comes with a nice little “cheat sheet” on getting the most out of the rub!  Mike – Thanks for a great offer, you can expect to see another order from me very very soon!” ~ Jared G., Auburn, NE

“My son and I just grilled up some venison steaks using your venison rub and we both agree by far yours is the best we have tasted.  We really like the fact that you don’t use a ton of salt in your recipe.  Thanks again” ~ Ted N. Sr., Toms River, NJ

“Your Venison Rub is the best seasoning I’ve ever had. Great flavor that did not burn off like some other seasonings I’ve used.” ~ Anonymous, May 28, 2010

“Just tried the chicken rub….let it sit on there for 30 min….took 40 min to cook….some of the best chicken ever…” ~ Ted N., Toms River, NJ

“AH! DEVINNE! The chicken rub is PERRRRFECT!…  WOW!” ~ Vincent C., Hamilton, MO

“Broke out a venison back strap, rubbed it down and slow rolled it on the grill. Awesome flavor man, I am gonna need some more!!  Thanks for the samples.” ~ Jason C., Monticello, FL

“My wife put some of the chicken rub on a couple pieces tonight and baked them.  Let me tell ya, they were AMAZING!  She wants me to find out when I can order some more…  Mike has a great product and the wife and I are already planning a whole summer with these rubs!” ~ Brian W., Roanoke, VA

“I barbecued chicken on Sunday, it was great! Thank you so much for the samples. I have been spreading the word and everyone at the barbecue wanted to know where to get it. I would love to have more, it reminded me of the southern rub I miss so much.” ~ Nancy N., Kansas City, Mo

“Just used our sample of the chicken rub. Another home run. Awesome stuff. So when can we start buying it?” ~ Brad T., Kansas City, Mo

“Best barbecue I’ve ever had!” ~ Melinda C., Kearney, Mo

“I have some co-workers who really want to try your chicken rub after hearing me talk about it!  My boss told me I was fired if I didn’t bring him some!” ~ Jess T., Kansas City, Mo