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We control every aspect of their production in-house; from recipe development to sourcing the freshest, highest-potency spices available. Oakridge BBQ Gold Edition rubs are then hand-blended, batch aged, and packaged by hand in our own production facility to ensure unsurpassed quality, flavor and freshness. All Oakridge BBQ Gold Edition rubs feature prime grade herbs and spices, and just the right amount of raw unrefined cane sugar & natural sea salt to perfectly balance each rub’s flavor composition. Additionally, Oakridge BBQ Gold Edition rubs are completely gluten free and contain absolutely NO MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or anti-caking agents. Our unique, quality-centered approach creates truly artisanal products with bold flavors and perfectly balanced sweet-hot, salty-savory profiles far surpassing any other barbecue rubs or seasoning blends on the market.


The Master Blender’s art is in full display in these Signature Edition blends.  Featuring all the same care and dedication to quality as our flagship Gold Edition, but with more flair and a heavy application of specialty & exotic ingredients make these blends extra special and certainly deserving of the Master Blender’s signature on the back of every package.




Our Experimental Edition range embodies the highest degree of our Master Blender’s art; a “no-holds-barred” approach to precise flavor development, and experimentation with extremely rare and unique ingredients. Finessing the interplay of all SIX components of taste; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami and heat, into a truly one of a kind flavor experience. Our proprietary Extended Batch Aging process allows all the natural oils and fatty acids contained in the spices to fully marry together and mature into a single symphony of flavors. By design, due to the rarity of key ingredients, each expression of our Experimental Edition range will always be extremely limited in number and will only be produced once.


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Gift Packs & Kits:
Grill Master Kit | Competition Kit | Back Yard Kit
Signature Edition:
SPOGOS | Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub | Black Ops Brisket Rub | Jah Love Jerk Seasoning | Habanero Death Dust
Gold Edition:
Smokey Chile Lime | Competition Beef & Pork | Secret WeaponSanta Maria | Dominator Sweet Rib Rub | Game Changer Brine
Wild Game Edition:
Game Bird & Chicken | Venison & Wild Game
Limited Edition:
Crucible Ghost Chile Rub
Experimental Edition:
Saigon 21 | Experimental Edition Scorpion Chile Rub


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